Special Interest Consumer Research

Active Research has considerable experience of working with consumer groups who share a specific characteristic, special interest or hobby.  This includes patients with medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes, working dog owners, horse riders, gardeners, cyclists and many other consumer groups.  The friendly, approachable style of Active Research works well with these types of respondent, putting them at their ease to ensure they contribute fully in focus groups and interviews.

Special Interest Consumer Research Project Examples:

Patient Attitudes:

Understanding patient attitudes to a new asthma inhaler – Using a combination of focus groups and face-to-face interviews to understand the potential benefits of the new inhaler and to identify features of the new inhaler that could be improved.

Sporting Charities:

Assessing a new national campaign for a sporting charity – A small-scale qualitative telephone study followed by a large-scale online survey to help the client understand members’ priorities in terms of campaigns and lobbying.

Horse Owners – Equestrian:

Determining the needs of horse owners – A series of focus groups to identify the changing needs of horse owners and to understand their buying behaviour.

Magazine research for a safety charity:

Based on a series of focus groups with different customer types to identify the types of content that were most of interest and the presentation styles that would be most appealing.

Purchasing Behaviour of Gardeners:

Understanding the purchasing behaviour of keen gardeners – Focus groups to understand their buying behaviour and to identify ways to increase customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Research – Social Housing Tenants:

Customer satisfaction research amongst social housing tenants – Face-to-face, in-home interviews with vulnerable adults to assess their satisfaction with the housing provided by their social landlord and to identify areas where customer service could be improved.

By developing a good understanding of these special interest consumer groups, Active Research’s clients have been able to make better business decisions, enabling them to deliver products and services which better meet their customers’ needs.

If you have customers with a particular characteristic, hobby or interest, and you want to gain a better understanding of their needs, please call Karen Pearson at Active Research on 01789 721707.