Healthcare Research

Harness the considerable store of valuable knowledge and expertise gained by Active Research over 20 years working closely with Hospitals, GPs, Dentists, Veterinary Practitioners and leading healthcare companies, and have it applied for the maximum benefit of your business.

Benefit from the experience Active Research has gained in a wide range of therapy areas including; Alzheimer’s Disease, Analgesia, Antibiotics, Asthma, Cancer, Cardiology, Diabetes, Gynaecology, Haemophilia, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology and Urology.

Healthcare Research Projects include;

Attitudinal Research:

Discover why some medical professionals do not prescribe your product or only use it selectively. Understand their objections and position your product more successfully.

New Product Research:

Get it right from the start! Don’t waste significant investment on an unwanted or badly positioned new product or service. Ensure there is a market need and understand how best to position your new product.

Advertising Research:

With only a couple of seconds to get your advertising message across to medical professionals, Advertising Research can help to ensure your key message is clearly communicated.

Brand Development Research:

Through the life of your product, attitudes to it will change and its uses may change too. Use Brand Development Research to respond effectively to these developments and to new competitors.

Sales Story Development:

Your sales force is your greatest and most costly asset. Let us involve your representatives in the research process to ensure your ‘sales story’ works for your product, your customer and your sales team.

Sales Aid Testing:

Let us help you get the most out of this key sales support tool. We can ensure the information is clear, easy to understand and contains all the key information medical professionals want to see.

Improve your product’s chances of success and maximise a product’s lifetime potential profit by utilising the experience and expertise offered by Active Research.  We can assess the market potential of a new product and profile potential customers at launch and throughout the entire life of a product.

Active Research can access the medical professionals whose opinions you seek, and is experienced and comfortable conducting research with the full range of medical professionals from hospital specialists and GPs to nurses and dental hygienists.

Bring your problem to Active Research and we will assimilate the information quickly, understand the nub of your problem and develop an appropriate cost-effective methodology to provide the information required.  Our methodologies will be firmly focused on the needs of your business to ensure you have the information you need to be able to make better business decisions.