Active Research provides cost-effective business-to-business market research tailored to meet your business needs.  Using practical research methodologies to produce actionable results, Active Research can apply the expertise and experience gained across numerous different project types and industry sectors for your benefit!

Projects in the Construction, Health & Safety, Risk Management, Publishing, Automotive, Professional Services and Industrial sectors have helped Active Research to develop and build a substantial bank of experience which we can call on for the benefit of new and existing clients.

Business to Business Market Research Project Examples;

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

Using skilfully-crafted Customer Satisfaction Surveys to determine why some customers do not buy again or are buying less frequently than before, you can discover how to improve the customer experience and build long-lasting customer loyalty.

New Product Research:

Protect the significant investment you have made in developing your new product or service with a small investment in New Product Research to verify market needs and ensure that aspirations are met.

Membership Research:

Maintain and grow membership by ensuring that members continue to be represented in a way they want and making certain they feel their voice is heard.

Attitudinal Research:

Improve understanding of customer behaviour and their decision-making process so that your business can benefit by better meeting customer needs.

Advertising Research:

Use Advertising Research to strengthen advertising campaigns, helping create compelling promotional campaigns that offer an improved return on investment.

journal Research:

Determine whether journals contain the information readers want and whether it is presented in a manner that is easy to read and digest, in order to help ensure continued reader loyalty.


Comfortable communicating with all levels of respondents from directors to construction workers, barristers to secretaries, Active Research’s friendly, personable approach puts respondents at their ease and thereby significantly improves the quality of the information that respondents provide.

If you want cost-effective, ‘Practical Research’ focused entirely on your business needs, delivering ‘Actionable Results’ that benefit your business, call Active Research 01789 721707 today and ask to speak to Karen Pearson.